Maintenance Free Dry Batteries

We provide Maintenance Free Dry Batteries from 5Ah to 200Ah, Maintenance Free VRLA Dry Battery is a general purpose battery with 5 years design life in float service . It meets with IEC and JIS standards .With up-dated AGM valve regulated technology and high purity raw materials, maintenance free dry battery has reliable standby service life.

Maintenance Free Dry Batteries 5Ah to 200Ah

Online & Line Interactive UPSs

The Digital IGBT powered True On-line, double conversion UPS that provides continuous, clean & regulated power for critical AC loads. Designed specifically for process control, IT Data Centers and industrial applications. Our UPS systems utilize state of the art PWM technology, incorporating high power IGBT semiconductors. We have a wide range of Online UPSs from 1KVA to 1MW to cater the requirement of Mission Critical Systems.

Online & Line Inetractive UPSs for short & Long Backup

Home & Solar Inverters

UPS & Solar inverters provides pure sine wave power for commercial, household and industrial applications. Capacity availability range from 1000VA to 6000VA, it can power most common electrical appliances in these fields. Unique toroidal transformer technology, make our UPS (inverter) a very low exciting current which is the best application for solar system. Built-in AVR is also an advantage to protect your system from regulated voltages. Solar option is an extra feature in home inverters which prevents the change in system to add solar system in future.

Pure Sinewave Home & Solar Inverters 1KVA to 6KVA

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

Servo & Static Automatic Voltage Regulators comes in single phase and 3-phase, its a distortion-free, automatic voltage controller that gives perfectly stable output even under severe conditions of unbalanced voltage. It increases life of your equipment, with reduced heating. In most industries, a minor fluctuation in voltage can cause the equipment to malfunction or break down. Automatic Voltage Regulator provides the regulated voltage which improves the performance & efficiency of the Machines.

Servo & Static AVRs 1KVA to 1MW

Renewable Energy System (Solar)

Solar power has been adopted globally for multiple reasons, including grid independence, adoption of clean energy, net-metering, and lower electricity bills. For countries in the developing world with un-stable grids, such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria & various countries in Africa, the main purpose of Solar Solutions is to provide continuous electricity amidst frequent power outages. We solves the problem of load-shedding along with the benefits of solar solutions that homes and businesses enjoy in the West.

On grid & Off grid Solar System

Security Solutions

WAB Engineering assesses the needs of our customers so well and offer them tailored solutions for Physical Security, Surveillance, Safety & Automation – ranging from project consulting, analysis and planning, solution implementation and maintenance to training. We are one of the companies having professional excellence and have always played an active part in standardization and innovation. 

CCTV, Fire Extinguishers, Bio metric & Walk-through Gates

Repair & Maintenance Services & SLA

WAB Engineering has a team of professionals which are skilled in hardware and software solutions, CCTV Cameras & All type of UPS Repairing. Our team consists of well-mannered specialists which provide in house repair services and also at your door step. WE is providing Services to Govt & Private Sector, Companies, Hotels, Hospitals and Banks on Call, Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and Yearly basis.

Repair & Maintenance Services